Back to School: Here’s Your Dorm Sex Etiquette


The fall semester is coming up. You know what that means! Lots of reading, more papers to write, new friends to make, keg parties, homecoming games, and raunchy sex!

Getting a hookup will probably be even easier these days since everyone’s been in isolation for so long. We’re all looking to get out and have some fun- finally! Plus, a majority of everyone on campus will be vaccinated. There will be lots of parties and drunk ragers to attend. We also still have our hookup apps available to see which hotties are living in the local housing!

So when you find that hot babe at the party or on the app, you’ll want to head over to her place afterwards for a good time. Or, maybe she’ll go to yours. But…you have a roommate who’s already in bed. Maybe the two of you share the room so there’s no way of having privacy when you have a hookup with you. So how do you have a good fuck in your dorm room when you have to share it with another person?


Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your roommate, it would be good to talk about these things beforehand. If you’re planning to go to a party that night, maybe send your roommate a quick text letting them know that you’re going out and you might want to bring someone over and hope they’d be okay with that. If your roommate is chill about it, then maybe he’ll make a plan and go somewhere else. You can have the place to yourself for a while and he’ll come back when your hookup leaves. Or, maybe he’s a hard sleeper and won’t notice. Both of you are in college so you both know that sex is bound to happen at some point. So hopefully you have a roommate who’s understanding and will let you fuck as long as it won’t disturb him. Just be respectful and make sure he doesn’t have midterms the next morning!

Find Your Setting

If your dorm room isn’t the best option, what about her place? Does she share a room? Any privacy options on her end? A lot of campus housing has places with individual rooms. If not, there’s always someone’s bathroom. Or, maybe your car. Or, in the backyard near the party where someone won’t see you guys…or maybe someone WILL see you and give you the “get it!” look.

Be Aware

If you’re the one laying low for the night, but your roommate is the type who likes to have fun, just be cautious of the situation. Make sure he’s cool about your comfort level. But also be sure to make sure everyone in the room is safe! Remember in “Urban Legend” when Natalie’s roommate would bring hookups over, but the one time she ignores it is when her roommate is getting strangled and she wakes up to that creepy “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Light?” message?! Shudder! So let’s all be safe when we’re hooking up, yeah?

Have Fun!

It’s college! Let’s use this time to be a bunch of sluts! Be respectful of everyone and make some memories you can jerk off to 20 years later.

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