Can We Finally Just Admit We’re Into Feet?


Yes, the rumors are true…we love FEET!!

There’s just something about them that’s so arousing. The sight of them in bed, the way they feel, how the toes flicker…it’s all so sexy. The best part about feet is that they’re appropriate to display in public- unlike other body parts. So we get our fill when we see bikini girls at the beach or when that chick wears her sandals at the mall. They look even much better with the toenail polish. We could just tickle those toes and make her moan with a kind of pleasure that most of us don’t realize we have!

Here’s another way to explain why we love feet- in a way, they’re kind of like nice tits. When you see tits in front of you, it’s hot- duh! It’s hotter when you feel them, caress them, taste them, smell them, etc. But there’s also something exotic about tits when they’re covered. Like, when you see cleavage or when she’s in a tight bra and you see nipples right through them. When she has that nice bra wrapped around and she slowly pulls it down, that’s one of the best parts of being flashed.

This could totally relate to feet because seeing them is hot, but when you see them in sexy attire, that’s also super hot. When a hot chick with nice feet is wearing high heels, you know what’s underneath. Then when she removes her heels, it’s like we’re finally getting what we’re looking for. Those feet look extra sexy in heels or socks or pantyhose, whatever.

Foot fetish has become so huge that cam sites have their own category for feet. Models have become successful just by decorating those pretty soles and flashing them for some jerk-off fun. Even directors like Quentin Tarantino have taken a liking to pretty feet. Remember Margot Robbie’s scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood when she was at the movies? Major arouse moment!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s “bare” our “soles” with some hot foot fetish babes on! They’re about to set their shows on fire like the “heels” they are!

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