Sex After Covid


We’re finally reaching the point where we can hook up with someone without having to worry about spreading Covid or wearing a mask. But is it really going to be that easy?

First thing’s first- approach with caution. Safe sex is a necessity even if Covid had never happened. It’s not just about interlocking body parts, but even being close to someone’s mouth was and is risky. Not everyone has been vaccinated so it’s crucial to make sure your hookup buddy has met the needle. Always a good idea to see that everyone is on board with safety.

What’s really interesting about sex after Covid though is the extra precautions like this that are being taken. But preparing in advance is not “out of the norm.” We’ve always taken safety first in other sexy situations- after all, we still buy condoms and go to the doctor for annual check-ups. We also douche, shave, whatever. So bringing up vaccination topics or wearing masks if you’re meeting in a public area shouldn’t feel too different. It’s just an extra way of making sure we’re all covered.

Sex may also feel incredibly relieving at this point. We’ve been craving the human touch for too damn long now. Let’s enjoy some passion again! There’s a good chance that fucking a stranger may feel like it was just yesterday. Or, it might feel like a century when it’s only been 15 months. Either way, it’s finally happening again and there’s no shame in being thrilled about it.

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