The Appeal of Spanking


Smack smack. Whether the spanking is hard or playful, we can agree that a smack on the ass can be hot as fuck. So why is it that ass smacking is so erotic?

As much as some of us might enjoy pain here and there, even those of us who are delicate with our bodies might still enjoy a smack on the ass. There’s something about spanking that’s so different from pain in other body regions. It seems like the ass is its own special zone for aggression. This is likely because the booty is already known for being one of the sexiest areas of the human body. So it’s only natural that we would want to do something to it that requires more than just gentle touching. Adding that smack just feels so satisfying.

There’s also the matter of being the “spanker” or the “spankee.” When you’re the “spanker,” seeing that hot chick on all fours is already hot enough. That position when she’s bent over with her ass out gives the state of mind that immediately has her saying, “I want it!” while she’s all slutty and ready to be pounded. A nice ass is already so amazing to look at, but it needs more than just a good, hard look. When the smack happens, it’s not always about “hurting” someone- sometimes, it’s about owning! Then when you’re the “spankee,” that’s a whole different level of just how much she’s getting off. And when you know that she’s getting off, that just makes the moment extra erotic since it’s clear that she likes what you’re doing. So she might as well return the favor and show you how good you’re giving it to her.

Spanking comes in all different levels too. The playful kind is fun, but going hard can be even more exciting. We all may have our boundaries, but some of them need to be broken little by little. With the right connection, she might need that ass to turn red while you can see your handprint leaving its mark- another way of saying “that ass is mine.” It can also come with a surprise. As she’s getting fucked from behind, that hand comes crashing down for a quick second, adding the adrenaline. Those extreme moments are incredible when they’re unexpected. Or, if it’s BDSM, there’s the idea of being punished, which works so well for those who love being the sub. Counting each spank one at a time as it gets harder and harder adds to the pleasure of pain while being pushed to the max. You know what they say when you get out of your comfort zone…your world can change in one of the most remarkable ways possible.

Besides, spanking isn’t always a sexual thing. Depending on the circumstances, it’s a way of flirting or just saying ‘Hello.’ The fact that spanking can happen in all these different shapes and forms is really all that is needed to make it appealing.

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