What Do You Wear to Bed?


What is the best thing to wear when you sleep? Short answer…it doesn’t really matter! Anything that feels good to you is all that matters. Sometimes, it’s good to change up what you sleep in to see what works best for you because sometimes what you wear can make you sleep easier. Sure, sometimes, you’ll look hotter in a certain sleep outfit, but you’re going to be passed out so…no one is going to look at you- except for those entities in your dreams.

If you’re looking for the best options for your sleep wardrobe, here are some choices and what they can do for you. A lot of times it depends on the weather. Other times, it depends on where you are. So be sure to try a little of all of them at different times and keep that going every time you’re about to crash!


The obvious pajamas are the top choices to make you comfy in your sleep. Sometimes, it’s PJ bottoms matched with a top. Or, feel free to mix it up. The cotton material can be helpful, but if you want to get fancy, feel free to try some silk.

Large T-Shirts

These are helpful because you have more room to breathe in your skin. Large T-shirts also show you just like to be comfortable and that’s a beautiful thing. This is one of the best guarantees for better sleep since you can stretch out without anything tugging on your muscles.

Tank Tops

When it’s hot in the bedroom (and maybe you’re feeling sexy), it feels good to let some skin out. Sometimes, it feels good to have less clothing covering you when you just need that fresh air.


Feeling even sexier? Or curious? Try out some tight lingerie or hot underwear to keep you warm at night. Nothing like living the erotic dream…literally!


Why is it great to sleep naked? For one thing, it’s one of the most comfortable options. Nothing touching your skin except for the blankets with plenty of body freedom. Also, are you feeling sexy in your skin again? What can be sexier than wearing nothing? So let yourself go and undress all the way down when you want to!

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