It’s Almost Thanksgiving- Time to Eat Out


Feast your taste buds on something delicious this Thanksgiving. After you’re done with the main course, you gotta have some dessert- something rich and creamy…

Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy will be some options to satisfy your hunger on Thanksgiving. Then there will be the creamy pies. Then it’ll be pussy. Then ass.

It’s a tradition to eat on Thanksgiving so you might as well eat something that won’t fill your stomach to the point where you’ll be full. Pussy can satisfy your cravings when you have the whole day to eat something delicious. If you draw the alphabet enough times on her, she might cum a nice load that will satisfy your tongue. When it comes to cunnilingus, who really needs a creampie? Especially since you’ll be doing one for her.

Once you have your full pussy taste, turn her over and taste that other hole. Add is some kisses and smacking so she’ll be wet all over. If you thought the turkey would be moist, you’ve seen nothing yet…

There’s also the option to add in some actual whipped cream- not the kind that cums from your dick, but the kind you buy at the grocery store. You can spray this cream all over her best spots so you can have a real dessert this Thanksgiving.

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