Sex on the Beach Tips


Summer is here! Let’s embrace the heat by getting raunchy in the hot weather! Here are some tips to get sexy at the beach without getting too sandy…

Be Prepared

First things first: be delicate about where you’re going. You do not want to get spotted having sex at the beach. Make sure that if you get down and dirty there, no one can see you. Once you have that part down, make sure you have several towels with you. When you’re fucking in the sand, you’re bound to get sandy all over your body- especially in your most “private” regions. That’s why it’s good to have a whole set of towels. Have a bunch piled on top of each other and add some more next to each other. This way, the towels won’t get too far buried into the sand. Your surrounding areas will have less sand too. Treat the sand like it’s a hard-wood floor- you would want to have a pile of blankets to make it more comfortable! Towels during sex on the beach are a lot like lube- you can never have too much!

Don’t Sink!

Also, make sure you’re in the proper positions. You don’t want to wind up like Jada Pinkett in that scene in “The Nutty Professor.” When someone’s on top of you, that sand will pull you down! So make sure you’re not adding too much weight with a full-on missionary position. No sinking here!

Go at Night!

Beaches are usually more secluded at night. Plus, if you live in an area with lots of beaches around, then the crowd will be far more spread out. So try a nighttime beach fuck! More privacy, a beautiful night, warm weather, and the sound of the ocean waves coming in. Romantic and adventurous!

Keep the Suits On

It’s better to keep the bathing suits (mostly) on while you’re fucking. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can adjust yourself quickly. And if you’re totally naked, then that’s just more sand you’ll need to wash off later. As sexy as it would be to take it all off and fuck at the beach, the reality is it probably wouldn’t feel that sexy if there’s a bunch of sand getting in your crotch. Try to cover yourself as much as you can. Besides, we love watching hot babes at the beach when they walk in their bikinis. So fucking them in that hot outfit makes it extra exciting.

Have Fun!

Sex on the beach is amazing! That’s why they made a cocktail with the name! It’s fun, exciting, you get fresh air, and it’s where we can explore our naughty sides. It also feels super sexy to be half-naked at the beach so we might as well do something about it, right?!

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